KBIS takeover Stoneways Insurance

KBIS are delighted to have acquired Stoneways Insurance Services Limited with effect from 31st March 2017.

Due to this change, Stoneways’ quote & buy web pages have been transferred to KBIS’. If you are looking for a quotation for any of the following types of policy please click the link below and register (or sign-in) and choose from the options to be taken to the appropriate quote and buy system.

If you have any difficulties using our system please do not hesitate to call us on 0345 230 2323.

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As an existing Stoneways customer, you can rest assured that your current insurance policy is still in effect and that there will be no changes to your cover, terms and conditions or underwriter until your policy is due for renewal. At renewal, your policy will then transfer to a KBIS Insurance policy. We are modifying our horse insurance policies so that you will be able to buy identical or similar cover. If we are unable to match your policy cover exactly then we will offer an alternative quotation for you to consider, highlighting the changes.

We very much hope that as a Stoneways customer you will find the transfer a positive one and will become a long standing customer of KBIS. We have built our reputation on providing comprehensive cover and excellent customer service, combined with a fast, efficient and fair claims process. We ensure our products are relevant in today's market and when possible try to provide flexible policy options, allowing you to select the cover that is right for you. All of the staff at KBIS have come from equestrian backgrounds or, when necessary, are specialists in their fields, so as a customer you can speak to someone who truly understands your requirements. We are also pleased to say that Amy Baker, the office manager at Stoneways, will be joining us at KBIS, helping to make the transfer as seamless as possible, and providing a familiar voice for you to speak to.

As well as horse, pet and trailer insurance, as provided by Stoneways, we can also offer additional equestrian insurance products for which we would be happy to provide you with a quotation; From horsebox insurance, breakdown cover, stand-alone personal accident policies, to specialist property and liability insurance for individuals and equestrian businesses. We are uniquely placed to handle the majority of your equestrian insurance needs. We very much look forward to welcoming you to KBIS and hope we can take care of your insurance requirements for many years to come.

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