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The Basic Needs Of Your Horse

Horse’s are creatures that are famously hard to care for. From the full on Thoroughbred to the boisterous Stallion; they are a handful alright! But just in case you feel that you’re coming up short when it comes the needs of your horse, here are a few musts!

  • To care for your horse you must have at the very least!:
  • A large pasture free from any dangerous rubble and debris (or other harmful objects).
  • Safe fencing for horse protection and safety.
  • Adequate food and water.
  • Clean environment as well as regular washing and pruning to keep your horse healthy and happy.
  • Shelter from all types of weather.
  • A good, dry place to rest
  • Companionship (sorry you’re not enough! Your horse needs friends too!)

So long as these needs of your horse are met, then you two should have a happy and healthy relationship.

needs of your horse

The Best Horse Books Around

With Planet Earth home to such a vast range of cultures and societies, you will find that an opinion that changes depending on where you go is that of horses. More specifically whether people like, own or appreciate horses, horse care or horse riding. However something that transcends this location barrier is horse books. People across the world love reading and horse books are a quickly emerging genre of novel. So if you’re still interested then here are our top 10 books about horses!

The Black Stallion – Walter Farley

This book is very impressionable. Truth be told, it’s the Lassie of horse stories.

Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

Bring out the Kleenex’s because you are going to bawl your eyes out over this one. If you’ve seen them movie then you know what I’m talking about. After reading this you’re sure to have a new found love for your own horse.

War Horse – Michael Morpurgo

Quite possibly by favourite horse book of all time, Morpurgo is a genius when it comes to novels. From thevery first page this book is gripping and absolutely captivating.

Dora At Follyfoot – Monica Dickens

This is a series book as well. Dickens has a unique writing style where she is able to describe setting and character effortlessly. The story itself is beautiful – a farm is trying to stop the mistreatment of animals – and relevant to today’s society.

Flambards – K M Peyton

This is an easy to read book that will make you cry your eyes out! Have some tissues at the ready!

The Magic Pony – Patricia Leitch

The last of our horse books is “The Magic Pony” by P Leitch. A wonderful story displaying how a heroine can be opinionated, incorrect and identifiable. The protagonists mare is depicted as being especially beautiful, so it’s only natural to want it for yourself! An emotional book and a great read.

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