Just A Few Horse Jokes

Okay so sue me but now and then I hear a cheesy horse joke and it just has me in tears! I mean, some of them are really bad and tasteless, but it’s because they’re so glaringly obvious that you have to snigger. And let’s face it people, those are the ones that really stay with you. One or two have even left me with guilty feelings for enjoying them, but who doesn’t indulge in a little guilty pleasure now and then?

Last Christmas my uncle decided to veer off the usual Christmas cracker joke script and told a few of his own. Here are a couple that had us wanting to hit and hug him:

What do you call a horse that always wins races? …A Sherbet


When do vampires like horse racing? …When it’s neck and neck.

I mean come on! What genius made these up?

There’s always the tried and tested Friday joke (A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed for three days, and rode out on Friday. How? …His horse’s name was Friday!) if all else fails!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that horses are great, but horse jokes are lame. However, that’s no excuse to stop telling them!

horse jokes

He’s not laughing…