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Franky Wins Mark Todd Scholarship

The sought after scholarship set up by the infamous Sir Mark Todd has been won by young rider Franky Reid-Warrilow. The 24 year old is based in Powys and was chosen from the 6 finalists last week by Sir Mark Todd himself, Lizzel Winter and Gill Watson.

She has had a particularly difficult few months; she suffered from a very serious leg fracture, following which a lot of her horses were relocated or injured.

However Franky is very determined and has already moved to her family’s farm to begin work once more.

She received a support package from Sir Mark Todd which includes private tutoring from the man himself. So it’s fair to say Franky must be feeling pretty damn good right now.

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Clifton Promise Fails Drugs Test

Today’s post is a bit more niche; we’ll be give you our quick take on the recent horse racing scandal! Jockey Jonathan Paget has been temporarily suspended after Clifton promise – his New Zealand horse – failed a recent drugs test.

The horse tested positive and it has been confirmed that there is Reserpine in his system. He has been suspended for two months for the time being.

As the man in charge Jonathan has also been suspended and is awaiting a decision.

Paget and his associates have all stated that none of them have taken any actions that would intentionally use illegal substances.

It’s unfortunate really, that Clifton Promise who recently won the Burghley Horse Trials just over a month ago has been caught with drugs in his system.

The cash prize of £225,000 awaits the rider that consecutively wins the three races: Badminton Burghley and Kentucky. It has only been achieved once – can it be done again?

clifton promise

Horse Culture In China

The horse is actually an integral of China’s culture and history. Living in the 21st Century it is easy to overlook this, after all horses aren’t exactly synonymous with this Asian superpower. Domesticated in China around 5000 years ago horses have been proven to be great for the Chinese when it comes to war chariots, contacting all the villages and cities and transporting goods and people across such a vast country.

Now however the horse is not as prominent as it once was. With modern technology these animals are not needed as much as before. With a population of over 11 million and little or no recognition it seems that equine recreational activities in Eastern culture aren’t as popular as in the Western culture. Of course this could just be because we are not aware of it.

Another interesting fact is that the Chinese were responsible for producing important equine inventions such as the stirrup and horse collar. I fact the harnessing device they developed was the first one which effectively worked without making it hard for horses to breathe. The invention of the stirrup was significant because it meant that cavalrymen could stand and fight with relative ease.

I was surprised myself to find out that the Chinese were responsible for so much in the equine world. However since they are one of the worlds most established and oldest civilisation I suppose it should not come as that big of a shock!
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