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6 Common Horse Trailer Mistakes That You’re Probably Doing Uncovered!

Making common mistakes with your horse trailer is totally normal, this article will point out what you’re doing wrong and tell you how to put it right. 6 Common Horse Trailer Mistakes That You're Probably Doing Uncovered!
You may think you’re totally set when it comes to your horse and trailer. Travelling around together is always a doddle and you both seem to be really happy. Until that one day when everything goes… HOOFS UP and everything can get ruined. Never fear! The Stoneways blog is here to uncover the 6 top common mistakes you are most likely making regarding your trusty stead and trailer.

1. If your trailer is on the rusty side

Rusty doors, rotten floors, pokey latches and poor electrical connections are signs that your trailer needs fixing up and a good old clean. According to an article on trailer care which included advice from Carrie Wheeler of Edelson Equine Associates states that horses can get caught on the rusty frames etc which can cause horrible injuries. Also, some of the gravest injuries come from floor failure.

To further ensure your horse’s safety, an article on how to reduce horse stress during transportation says to make sure that the floor is non-slip the entire journey by providing absorbent materials or bedding to soak up any urine.

So check your vehicle to make sure it’s suitable for your cherished one before transporting them.6 Common Horse Trailer Mistakes That You're Probably Doing Uncovered!
2. If your horse is confused: it doesn’t know what you want it to do!

If you have not loaded your horse onto the trailer in a few seasons, then it’s very likely that it will not really enjoy the experience of being loaded into a steel box no matter how lovely it looks. Understand this and calmly practice with your horse so they grow accustomed to it again.

Once you’ve loaded your horse or horses, they may feel anxious and start to stumble around. Watch out when it comes to unloading because they tend to gallop on out of there if they feel uncomfortable. Take them on regular trips so they get used to the sensation of being in the trailer.

3. Don’t ever leave your loved one unattended

Dr Wheeler explains that leaving your horse can be a huge mistake. Leaving them can cause them to rear, become extremely distressed and head quickly towards any escape route. This can be very dangerous for the horse and other people so always check up on them and never leave them unattended.

4. Slow down there fellow, your horse can feel everything!

How ever fancy your vehicle may be, it will not provide a lovely smooth ride for your horse that has to stand in the back. As an experiment, get someone to drive you while you stand in the trailer to get a better idea of how the horse feels.

You’ll certainly feel every bend, dip and the speed will mess with your balance. This exact same thing happens with your horse so be cautious of your driving and the speed you’re driving at. After all, you may turn up at the racecourse or horse show 10 minutes earlier but with a dizzy and moody horse- that’s not want you want.

5. You might be using the wrong type of tow vehicle or hitch vehicle 

No matter how impressive your new chic trailer or truck is, you need is to make sure that the hitch is properly rated to hold the full weight of the horse trailer weight and tongue weight.

Also, ensure that your tow vehicle can handle the full weight! A weakly matched hitch, trailer, and tow vehicle can be highly dangerous putting you, your horse, your trailer and everyone else on the road at risk.

6 Common Horse Trailer Mistakes That You're Probably Doing Uncovered!

6. Don’t let your poor precious ponies get sweaty or get too chilly

In the summer months, it pretty common for people to forget that the trailer can become a sauna on wheels for the horses. While we may like a hot sauna, horses really don’t. They get dehydrated and rather cranky. The best way is to make sure your trailer is suited for the warm weather. The best are white trailers as they reflect heat.  Look for trailers that have double material to keep the inside of the horsebox cool. The trailers that overheat the most are mill-finished aluminum ones.

In the winter, make sure your horse is nice and snug with a blanket. Usually, they are just fine with a good winter coat and another cosy horse companion.

6 Common Horse Trailer Mistakes That You're Probably Doing Uncovered!So there you have it. Perhaps you’re making some, if not all of these commonly made mistakes. Now you can put them right making you and your horse stress and accident-free.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and happy transporting!




Relax With Puppies On a Paradise Island

Relax With Puppies On a Paradise Island
The Stoneways blog is always looking for new amazing stories and this one is too good to be true.

So two of my favourite things in life (and probably most people’s) are paradise beaches and puppies. But what if I told you that you can have both at the same time? … Yes, it’s a dream come true for many of us. Even if puppies aren’t your thing, giving one a quick pet on the beaches of Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas wouldn’t be such as bad thing would it?

For most people, a bit of puppy love on a powdery white sand beach dipping your toes into crystal-clear turquoise waters may be just what the doctor ordered.

What on Earth is this genius organisation?

Potcake Place, opened in 2005, is an excellent non-profit dog rescue charity created to help dogs and puppies which is run by Jane Parker-Rauw. It’s based in Providenciales, on the scenic island of Turks and Caicos. The organization aims to socialize puppies or “potcakes” by taking them out to enjoy the beach and it’s also a place to adopt gorgeous little pups. Annually, they adopt out 500 puppies worldwide.

The most remarkable thing: the charity workers themselves keep the puppies in their own homes, feeding them,giving them lots of love until they are adopted.

What’s the meaning of “potcake” you may ask? Traditionally, the Bahamians used to feed “potcake” (congealed leftover food- usually rice and peas) to the stray dogs. This is how the pups got their sweet name. Potcakes are usually a mix of Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and English Fox Terriers.

Potcake Place provides them with all the vaccinations they need to be healthy and happy.

They started off saving stray street pups and dogs or puppies who have been neglected. Without this charity, these cute canines would face a terrible life and death usually by contracting a disease, being run over or purposefully killed. Making sure these animals are healthy and safe from disease is, of course, no easy challenge as the island doesn’t have any animal shelters. The fantastic staff who are all volunteers continue the battle to make sure every pup is cared for.

Potcake Place breathes new life into their rescued puppies sometimes truly transforming them from skinny, hairless pups into healthy, strong furry ones. With the money the charity raises, the puppies can have medical care, upbringing supplies, toys, collars and everything doggy it needs. As they are treated so well, they are famous for being super friendly and affectionate.

What can you do if you visit?
Relax With Puppies On a Paradise Island

Visitors can swing by, pick up a pup and take it for a day out on a tropical beach. They provide everything the precious pooch needs, you just have to provide the fun and love!
Sounds like a great way to spend a vacation and do some good by helping a puppy socialize, play and learn.

You can also adopt one of the adorable puppies which would be hard to resist after a day in the sun and sea with one!

Cute Horses: Tiny Yet Tough Ponies from Greek Myth Becoming Extinct

Cute Horses: Tiny Yet Tough Ponies from Greek Myth Becoming Extinct

The real-life mythical cute horses who might have pulled the chariot of the legendary Achilles to Troy are still to be found on the Island of Skyros, Greece. However, the sweet mares are sadly facing extinction. Only around 200 of these precious ponies are to be found worldwide now.

Once famous for their endurance, can they endure any longer? Being true horse lovers at Stoneways, we feel it would be a real shame to lose such a beautiful and historical animal that’s why we’re writing about these important horses.

The stunning semi-feral Skyrian horse or Skyros pony is thought to have lived on the island for 2000 years. They stand at a cute 92 to 112 cm high. They were deemed as critically endangered in 1991 and still are in danger of extinction today.

The reason for extinction comes down to the cross-breeding of the Skyros ponies with donkeys, farm animals taking over food and water resources and a disappearing habitat.

According to the Skyros Island Horse Trust, a non-profit organization, most of the special ponies live on the island. Their website explains how not much research has been done on these ancient creatures but more and more people are becoming fascinated by this thousands-of-years-old breed. The outstanding organization’s main mission is to conserve the pure Skyrian horse breed, educate people on the importance of keeping them around and improve the welfare of these exquisite equines.

Why protect the disappearing Skyrian Horse? 

The Skyros Island Horse Trust has outlined why the horses are so important to the world. Firstly,  simply due to biodiversity. We are losing species all around the world at a rapid rate.  According to WWF, experts claim that we are losing species 1,000- 10,000 times the normal extinction rate. We don’t want to lose any more species!Cute Horses: Tiny Yet Tough Ponies from Greek Myth Becoming Extinct

Secondly, we don’t want to lose these archaic horses due to their enormous past. These mysterious ponies are thought to have started to exist 2500 BC.  Legend has it that they carried Achilles’ chariot and quite possibly are the horses featured on the Parthenon frieze sculpture. We don’t just have ancient buildings to tell us about the Greek past, Skyros continues to have the very animals from thousands of years ago. The Skyros website quite rightly claims that these horses are a peek into the past- which makes them extremely rare and unique.

The mini mares are also used as cuddly companions for therapy due to their friendly, tranquil nature.These extraordinary horses seem to do one thing very well: unite. They unite humans to nature and they also unite present modern-day to history.

At least the non-profit organizations such as this one and the government are starting to pull their socks up. Let’s hope that it’s enough to keep these persistent pretty ponies alive, happy and healthy for future generations to enjoy their beauty and ancient value.


6 Top Tips On Protecting Your Horse Trailer


Whether you are travelling around Europe or attending shows close to home, having adequate horse trailer insurance is a must. Horses are by far one of the most expensive animals to own and the equipment that comes with them cost a hefty sum too. Thieves, unfortunately, know this. They know how much the trailers and all the equipment inside can come to so protecting your horsebox is extremely essential unless you can afford to lose all that money!

At Stoneways, we are going to share with you our top tips on trailer insurance, what to do if your trailer is stolen and have to avoid this from happening.  This article should hopefully provide some peace of mind because it can be a real headache worrying about your trailer.

Protecting your trailer from the get go:

1.Have insurance on your trailer

Make sure that your insurance company first of all covers theft and read all the terms and conditions regarding a stolen vehicle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you are clear on your insurance policy. Secondly, if you are travelling around Europe make sure your insurance policy covers you abroad as well. If you’re hiring a trailer, make sure that you’re covered too.

2. Have insurance on your expensive equipment

You might just have your mind on the horsebox and totally forget about all the expensive contents inside. Make sure you’re insured on your equipment either from your insurance company covering your trailer or from wherever you bought the equipment. You will have to pay a little extra for this but it will save you a hell of a lot in the long run if it’s stolen.

3. Decorate your trailer- make it identifiable

The first thing you want to do is to deter thieves. Make your trailer basically scary to steal! Most trailers look exactly the same so make yours stand out. To do this, paint something on the trailer to make it as identifiable as possible. If you have hot pink or bright green trailer thieves will think twice about stealing it because it’ll be so memorable. It doesn’t have to be flamboyant either. Just a logo, company name or your own name will help.

If it’s memorable and unique, chances are you will spot on CCTV footage, witnesses will remember it and police will be able to track it with much more ease. Actually, thieves will be far less likely to steal it in the first place.

4. Always remember to lock your trailer hitch

Because of the friendliness and excitement at horse shows and events, one can easily get lulled into a false sense of security and feel like locking your trailer hitch is not necessary. Just to be on the safe side, purchase a hitch lock which are inexpensive (between £20- £100). This will discourage thieves.

What to do if your trailer is stolen:

5. File a police report

This might be obvious but in all the commotion many people forget to ring the police or ring them when it’s a bit too late. The first thing you should do is ring the police and file a report. Although it might not end up being useful, it’s best to report it soon as possible.

6. Contact your insurance company 

After calling the police and obtaining a reference number from them, contact your insurance company. They will ask for the police reference number and some other information. If your horsebox is not found after a certain length of time, you will be asked to give the original trailer sales information. However, keep in mind many insurance companies follow a different protocol. So always check with your insurance provider.

Thanks for reading these handy tips and maybe it could have saved your trailer and you a lot of money, time and also the annoyance of losing such an important vehicle.

7 Women Risk Their Lives to Save 200 Stranded Horses

A Story of Courage and Kindness:

This story is truly a shocking one about women risking their own lives to save horses. In the Netherlands, 2006, a freak storm hit a small village in the north. A herd of 200 plus horses got stuck on a piece of land during the storm which caused a huge flood.

Unfortunately, around 20 horses lost their lives due to drowning or exhaustion. The rest of the horses remained stranded absolutely surrounded by water for 3 horrible days. For these desperate days, firefighters and other animal rescue organizations fed the horses by bringing them food by boat to keep their strength up.

A few rescue attempts took place but they could only rescue approximately 20 horses including foals. The situation began to worsen and another storm was predicted to be on its way. This storm was posted on a horse forum which grabbed the attention of one special woman.

Remarkably, this one amazing woman, Norma Miedema, formed a group and gathered 6 more brave women who owned horses to help rescue the beautiful helpless animals. The heroic women made the bold, selfless choice to go out and save the animals while knowing that they could get injured and even risk their lives.

But with a great plan and with the help of a group of firefighters, they saved hundreds of horses’ lives which is truly a wonderful thing. We will never know but the scared horses must have sensed that these people were there to help them. It’s an astonishing sight to see the horses gallop all together gallantly through the waters and finally put the hoofs on the land again where they belong.

Of course, the lovely ladies were honored for their courage and fearlessness. We at Stoneways like everything and anything horsey so we also thank these women for what they did who are inspirational to us all.

Watch this incredible video of ordinary women doing something extraordinary in order to save horses:

5 Signs Your Darling Dog Tells You That They Love You

5 Signs Your Darling Dog Tells You That They Love You

Sometimes it’s so hard to detect if your beloved pet pup does really love you or just loves you because of the tasty
bacon you feed it. Despite what some people say, pets do have emotions and really, truly love their owners. Here at Stoneways ,we love everything puppy, so this article will explain 5 interesting signs to spot to see if your pooch is actually head over paws for you.

As Orhan Pamuk so simply says “dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen”. These 5 signs will tell you how to listen to what your barking buddy is trying to tell you.

1.Cuddles and affection after your dog has their meal

The author of “How Dogs Love Us” by Gregory Berns explains that although dogs and especially puppies are totally centered around food, once they’ve eaten and are still affectionate to their owner means that there is a strong chance that your pup really loves you.

So watch how your pet pooch responds to you after a meal and if there is cuddling involved- they probably really love you and is telling you that you’re an important component in their life.

2.If your dog looks at you directly in the eye

During an episode of 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper speaks with Brian Hare, a dog expert, who explains that when a dog looks at you directly in the eyes it’s a sign he loves you. It’s essentially giving you a big furry dog hug.

When you play or give affection to your dog, the hormone oxytocin is released which is a hormone that helps mothers strengthen bonds with their new babies. So next time you are playing with your pup notice the way he/she looks at you. Don’t keep staring at your dog because you’ll most probably freak her out. Just naturally look into their eyes and see how they respond. You’ll be shocked to see how much you can tell about a dog’s emotions from their big eyes.

3. If your dog actually smiles at you

Okay, so your cuddly canine’s smile is not like a human all-teeth-baring smile because that would be rather creepy. But if your dog’s mouth is open, relaxed and they seem very calm- they are feeling very cheerful and probably very happy to see you. Dogs use the same muscles as humans do to smile. As smiles are used to communicate that we are content and joyful, dogs do the same.

So if your trusty companion is smiling at you (with his tail wagging is a bonus of course), they can’t help but show how overjoyed they are to see you just as you are to see them.

5 Signs Your Darling Dog Tells You That They Love You

4. If your dog gives you a big old lick on your face

And they call it puppy love… when they smother you in doggy kisses. There are two main reasons why a dog will you lick you and both are great ways of showing affection. Firstly, they might lick you to let you know that they are not a threat to you. Secondly, they may be grooming you! Dogs groom one another to establish and maintain a bond which is a sign of caring. Your canine companion may be doing the same thing to you.

5. If your dog brings you their favourite possession

When your pretty pup comes enthusiastically running up to you with their favourite toy, it not only means “play with me” which is a demonstration of love and friendship in itself but it also means “here look at my favourite toy”. It could be anything from an expensive toy you bought them to an old chewed-up tennis ball it has played with for years. It means they want to impress you with their most prized possession and essentially seek your approval. If your darling dog does this, then they obviously feel that they want to share with you and keep that beautiful bond with their master.

So there you have it. It’s pretty to clear to see if your cherished pup loves you and they most probably do if you give them plenty of love and affection. Because that’s all they need. Dogs aren’t complicated- they just need a loving, giving and devoted owner to share with them the simple things in life. No strings attached just puppy love.
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