2017 starts with a major change to the Equestrian Olympic format

January 24th, 2017

The Olympics has always been an exciting time for horse lovers the world over. Whilst various different races tend to draw heavier audiences from certain parts of the world more than others, the Olympics is the one even that draws a universally global horse loving audience. This is one of the reasons that the changes that have been made to one of the most popular horse events of the year are all the mmurray kessler USEFore important.

November 2017 – and the vote to alter the Olympic format went through. The vote took place in New Zealand, and ironically New Zealand actually voted against the changes! Despite opposition, it went through. This now means that there will now only be 3 per team on Equestrian events in the next Olympics, due to take place in Tokyo in 2020.
The other big change of note is the alteration to the drop score. In the 2016 & 2012 Olympics, you were allowed to discard your most unfavourable score. This will no longer be the case.



One of the key drivers behind the changes was USEF President-Elect, Murray Kessler’s belief that without the changes one of the Olympic disciplines would be dropped from the Olympic games. This is of course something that no one wants. Regardless of how true this is or not, the vote was taken and we enter the year with the changes gaining momentum in the run up to 2020.

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