Animal Cruelty: Horse trailer used to drag horse down road

January 23rd, 2017

horse trailer justiceA man in Minot is being charged with animal cruelty, and the weapon he use was a horse trailer. We insure a lot of trailers, so we keep an eye on any and all damage or legal action to do with trailers because it affects the premiums we have to charge for the horse trailer insurance cover. This is the first time we have ever come across something like this.

The man, Cody Lynn Sundby was seen dragging the horse down the road. He had tied the horse to the trailer, and the poor animal was being strangled as it was pulled relentlessly down the roads. It took a head injury on route, and the horses gums were pulled from its teeth.

The exact distance that the horse was dragged exactly is not clear, but the horse blood was found at multiple different spots along the streets, so some distance can be evidentially confirmed. There is also a video of the horse being dragged from the horse trailer taken by a random passerby.
Cody Lynn Sundby is no stranger to violence it seems, as he is also accused of hitting a man around the head with a rifle the following day, as well as attacking someone with a knife and leaving someone with a cut above his eye.
We hope that in the case of the horse, justice is served.

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