Australian protesters target horses with intent to kill

January 28th, 2017

horse protest It is well known that protests can sometimes get ugly, and certainly in the past there have been times when the police have been clearly in the wrong and the public have been well within their rights to defend themselves with violence. However, in a shocking discovery, it seems that Australian protesters are trying to main or kill police horses by laying traps for them.

Over in Western Australia, protesters are against the extension of a road called the “Roe 8” highway. They are currently trying to stop the builders from cutting down bush land. Here at stoneways we make no comment as to the right or wrong of their protest, what we are appalled by were the laying of traps to take down horses. Protesters had laid wire in a web like formation, local police after examining it saying that it looked like it was designed to maim or kill horses. It was discovered by a police horse called Matilda, she stumbled into the trap and was only really saved by her rider who instantly made her back away from the otherwise potentially lethal trap. Had the deliberately placed wire severed Matlida’s tendons, the horse would probably have to be put down.

Whilst we remain neutral about the specifics of the protest, we would urge any protester to consider the innocence of the horse before directing their frustrations against our four legged friends.

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