Donald Trump’s stance on immigration endangers the horse racing industry

February 25th, 2017

USA workers horsesAccording to the Guardian newspaper, Donald Trump’s current stance on immigration and workers i the US is going to endanger the horse racing industry over there. Unsurprisingly, it all comes down to money.

The current VISA system in the US is pretty poor from the industry’s point of view. It makes it incredibly difficult to legally get in staff to work the bottom end grunt work that otherwise more local people are unwilling to do for the money available to pay them. This has caused many stables to rely on workers without proper documents, VISA’s and/or work permits. Up until now this has functioned if not ideally, then at least well.

However with Donald Trumps new stricter policies, there are also crack downs that threaten to leave stables understaffed and the horses therefore without proper care and attention… and it is not all the owers fault for “ignoring” procedure. Even horse race trainers want to employ all their staff legally, the immigration system is so full of obstacles that they have trouble getting the paper work to back the employment.

Whether this is really going to blow up on a huge scale in the future, only

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