Help your pet get the most out of Winter

February 16th, 2017

dogNow that we are firmly in February, which is also the shortest month of the year, we can start looking forward to the warmer months when we can more easily get outdoors and get active. Just because February is the shortest month of the year however, doesn’t mean that we should just hole up and not leave the house! Instead there are plenty of things we can still do outside with our pet dog in tow healthy and happy… however there are a few things to consider when taking your dog outside. So here are a few things to think about:

Don’t stay outside too long. It is cold, go out still, but come back a bit sooner than in the summer months

In winter humans wear extra clothes – so why not dogs? Consider getting some booties and a sweater for him/her to help keep the cold away

If playing in the snow, there is a possibility that your dog may end up with de-icer or another nasty chemical on it. Give your dog a quick clean when you get in

The same is true if your dog eats the snow when thirsty. Luckily this is easily prevented – just make sure that you give your pet plenty to drink so it is not thirsty.

Enjoy the winter!

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