The horse – Australia’s most deadly animal!

January 26th, 2017

horse big killer When thinking of dangerous animals in Australia, especially the ones that kill, the likes of snakes and spiders immediately spring to mind… but is that actually true? Are spiders the biggest killers? Well according to a new study carried out by Melbourne University, the real killer is actually horses!

The study looked at deaths that took place between 2000 – 2013, and despite what we may think, the statistics tell us that spiders are not the biggest killers at all. In that period no one actually even died from a spider bite, ticks and ants took out 5 people, snakes caused the deaths of 27 people, Hornets wasps and bees also all killed 27 people, but the biggest killer by far were horses with a total body count of 74 people. The Australians who died were all either thrown from a horse or pass away following being trampled by a horse.

You may love your horse, and for good reason, but never forget how powerful your four legged friend really is. After all, it is one of Australia’s biggest killers!

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