Horse Trailer Tips: Dress for success

February 9th, 2017

horse trailer in actionUsing a horse trailer is an excellent way to transport your beloved animal from one place to another quickly and safely. Most people when first doing this focus on the trailer, is it the right one, is it big enough? This is of course the right thing to do, but don’t forget to dress your horse for the occasion. By dressing your horse in things specifically designed to protect them, they will have a more comfortable, safer ride. Here are the top things to think about when planning to take your horse on a horse trailer.

Protect the head:

This is easily done with a head collar. I would advise using a leather one, which can then be cut in an emergency should one occur.

Protect the body:

Fit a rug! Make sure you have one for the correct season.

Protect the Legs:

The boots VS bandages debate goes on – as long as you do something you are on the right track

Protect the Tail:

Again there is a tail guards VS bandages debate, and once again as long as you take action and do something, you will be alright.


So there are the major parts of the horse to dress, enjoy your trip where ever you may be going!

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