Major horse rescue at Cammachmore cliffs

February 24th, 2017

Horse down cliffWith the modern day news being one of primarily reporting negative story arks, it can leave one feeling like the world is an uncaring place. This is a totally understandable and natural reaction, the news knows that it is the negative that sells and keeps viewers and readers, and so we are pummeled with reminders of what a terrible place this is to exist. Bad things happen, and we hear about.

So it is a breath of fresh air indeed when we hear a story about a bad thing happening (because bad things do happen, and I am not saying that we should ignore it), and some people pulling together to make it right.

As reported by BBC news just yesterday, a horse took a rather dangerous tumble at Cammachmore cliffs. The horse which was named Tara, got into some real trouble about 20 to 30 meters down from safety. Without intervention she would have been in real trouble. Thankfully she was spotted, and a joint effort of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services came together to bring her back up to safety. They called in the help of a digger from a local farmer, and others helped hitch Tara into a sling which would then be used in conjunction with machinery to pull her to safety.

Tara is 22, and we are pleased to wish her a continued long life, as much as I am pleased to report a happy ending to what could have been a rather tragic incident.

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