Warm up’s aren’t just for humans – horses need them too!

January 27th, 2017

warm up your horse As humans we all know that if we do exercise a good warm up and cool down before and after we work out is essential to feeling good the next day. So why is it that some people neglect the importance of doing this with our horses? This is especially true before any kind of competition. If you finish with a poor mark and rails down and you failed to warm up properly, it is your own fault for not preparing properly.

The amount of time that you take to warm up really depends on the horse. Andrea Bank as a general says she will head over to the warm up area 40 minutes before a test, but also comments that on one particular horse she will never do more than 30 minutes warm up because that particular horse gets stressed out quite easily & she doesn’t want to leave him feeling mentally tired before the test.

There are so many variables, I won’t try and tell you how you should carry out your warm, I only seek to encourage you to remember to do one, and to do a good one at that. It can make all the difference when you are out there riding.

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