Trailer insurance information

Trailer Info

Examples of some approved security devices:

Indespension Triplelock, Bradley Doublelock Plus, Bulldog heavy duty wheel clamp (Dreadnaught/Centaur/Titan), Bulldog DC auto clamp TNO approved, Bulldog minihitch lock (DM or SSK) TNO approved, Rimlock MK IV, Revtech Hublock, PGR Compact wheel clamp, Envopack Anchorman, Patriot Excel, Chock Clamp, Uniclamp, Tailguard, BB Uniclamp, Lionweld Wheelclamps, SAS Defender Wheelclamp, Keep-it Heavy Duty Wheelclamp, keep-it portable Wheelclamp, Keep-it Hitchlock, Avonride Coupling with lock, Datatag, AL-KO safety coupling locks, Milenco hitchpost/wheelclamp/hitchlock, Lockfast wheel lock, Sentry Post.

The following is a brief summary of some of the policy terms, a full wording can be supplied on request.


This Insurance does not cover:

Territorial Limits: Great Britain, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Warranted that any claim for accidental damage is supported by photographs. These pictures must include a shot of the chassis number. Failure to provide this information will invalidate any claim for accidental damage.

Notice to the Proposer

The parties are free to choose the law applicable to this Insurance Contract. Unless specifically agreed to the contrary this insurance shall be subject to English Law. Any enquiry or complaint should be addressed in the first instance to Stoneways.

If you are not satisfied with the way a complaint has been dealt with you may ask the Complaints and Advisory Department at Lloyd's to review your case without prejudice to your rights in law.

The address is:-
Complaints and Advisory Department
Lloyd's, One Lime Street, London EC3M 7HA
Telephone: 020 7327 1000

Trailer insurance information