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Looking for the perfect insurance for your horse that fits your wallet? Trust the horse specialist. Stoneways insurance has been offering bespoke forms of insurance for all types of horses from dressage to show jumping since 1990.

Stoneways offers multiple policies which give you the support covering vet fees for when you really need it and a helping hand for the smaller mishaps. With our policies you know that your horse is in good hands. Not only do we offer excellent value for money but our customer services are rated as exceptional by our customers. Fill out our quick and easy online form to see how much you can save.

“I would just like to thank all the people that have dealt with my claim for their efficient, helpful and friendly service. I will strongly recommend Stoneways Insurance Services to my friends. Thank you”

— A Lawrence

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Horse insurance and equine liability cover from Stoneways Insurance


Due to a decision in the House of Lords you are now liable for any damage or injury that your horse does to other people regardless of whether you are negligent or not. So make sure you have third party liability insurance cover if nothing else.

In the case of Mirvahedy v Henley, the House of Lords decided that in the event of someone being injured by a horse, the Animal Act should apply. Under the Animal Act the keeper/owner is strictly liable for any damage or injury to a third party, whether negligent or not.

Prior to this case owners could rely on taking due care of their animals with good stable practice and management to avoid the accusation of negligence. This is no longer a defence and the owner/keeper is liable regardless.

This decision is naturally leading to increased premiums for equine liability cover. However the cost of equine liability insurance is still reasonable when considered against the costs of having to defend a third party liability claim against yourself and the possible resulting compensation bill.

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