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Veteran horse insurance

Is your horse between 17- 25 years old? Are you looking for an insurance specifically tailored to their needs? We have the perfect package for you.

Advances in veterinary care combined with a better understanding of nutritional requirements have led to horses living active lives for longer and longer. These older horses, regardless of their activity level, still need insurance.

Here at Stoneways we have been specialising in equine insurance for over two decades and we understand what horses need at every stage in their lives.

“I'd like to take this opportunity to give you some feedback. I work in a customer facing occupation & am aware how often people will happily give negative feedback but how rare it is to hear positive comments. As a result, I feel great service should be commended. I've used Stoneways for a number of years, insured two horses in this time & made two claims & have only ever had fantastic service. One claim was for the death of a horse following a field accident resulting in a broken leg & the whole process of making a claim was dealt with sympathetically & promptly. Whenever I've had cause to contact Stoneways I've spoken to friendly, well informed, knowledgeable staff.

Thank you very much. When I'm back from overseas I plan on looking for my next horse & I'll be back to insure it with yourselves.”

— Beth Roberts

Under this Veteran horse insurance the cover provided for tack, personal accident and third party liability is the same as under the comprehensive policy for horses in their prime. The death and veterinary fee cover is however different as it is restricted to accidental external visible injury only.

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